Organized with the support of the French Embassy, Impact Santé Afrique’s objectives for this meeting were to conduct high-level advocacy with donor countries and Cameroon contribution for a fully funded Global Fund and to increase national resources allocated to the fight against malaria in Cameroon with a view to its elimination by 2030.

The meeting was attended by personalities from the public and private sectors, heads of diplomatic representations, United Nations agencies and civil society, representatives of the Global Fund’s donor countries, the research community and the media and arts communities.

A panel of experts presented the malaria situation in Cameroon and a presentation on the results of a study aiming to propose a new rapid diagnostic test for malaria allowing communities to identify asymptomatic carriers themselves, and rapid management of the disease.

Strong commitments were also made by the participants:

Leaders’ Engagements
Leader Engagement
Ecobank Cameroon Continue and strengthen the partnership with the Global Fund by :

(i) making more financial contributions,

(ii) accompanying implementing partners in the field of continuing training in management and financial management,

(iii) advocating with other private sector organizations for greater involvement in malaria control.

Civil Society For Malaria Elimination (CS4ME) (i) Identify and promote Malaria Champions,

(ii) Intensify advocacy at national and global levels for increased resources to be allocated to malaria control for its elimination by 2030,

(iii) Ensuring that communities are at the centre of national malaria control programmes

(iv) provide technical support to National Malaria Control Programmes in communication for development and community involvement in decision-making processes

Mayor AKOM 2 (i) Increase local resources for malaria control,

(ii) advocate with the relevant guardianship and other administrations for the implementation of measures to improve geographical accessibility and the availability of human and material resources and inputs,

(iii) Intensify community awareness to increase community involvement in the fight against malaria.

Parliamentary Network on Population and Development Advocate to Parliament and political decision-makers for a substantial increase in government funding allocated to population health in order to accelerate the fight against malaria.